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Abortion Recovery

Life First is a Christian ministry that saves lives by ministering to women considering abortion through the First Care Women’s Health pregnancy medical centers. The Lord also heals hearts of women and men who have experienced abortion. We use excellent Bible studies to help women experience the Lord’s forgiveness. To learn about abortion recovery for men, email

Hurting After An Abortion Decision?

You're Not Alone.

Is the pain not going away, months or even many years after your abortion? Are you afraid to talk about it, even with loved ones? Many women struggle with the false belief that they can’t talk about this with other Christians, and that no one will understand—these beliefs are not true. There is hope!

Email Or Call To Find A Group Near You

Heartfelt group class while sharing hard thoughts of struggle after her abortion.

What You Can Expect

Many of Life First’s volunteers and staff members have experienced abortion earlier in their lives. They know what you are going through. You will begin by meeting one-on-one with an experienced volunteer. It’s a safe, confidential and non-judgmental place for you to share your feelings, fears and questions. Some women benefit from continued one-on-one meetings, and others are able to join our small group Bible study.

This 10-week Bible study provides support and encouragement in a safe and confidential setting for your healing journey.

Free, Confidential and Non-Judgmental

New Class Starting Soon!

How Do I
Get Started?

Our Abortion Recovery Bible Studies meet discreetly and privately in Prince William County and Manassas. Healing begins now—contact us below to get started.

Abortion Hurts Until You
Accept Christ’s Forgiveness

Abortion can affect women years, even decades after the procedure — even Christians who have repented. Post Abortion Stress (PAS) is found to have a profound emotional and spiritual impact on women and their families. Studies have found that abortion significantly increases risk for:

  • Clinical depression and anxiety
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
    Symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Suicidal thoughts and behavior.

There is help!

Young woman sharing great news of healing and hope during an abortion recovery group class
Young woman praying to receive help from Life First after a regretted abortion decision.

Forgiveness Is In Your Reach.