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Do You Want to Know the Truth?

CEO Becky Sheetz wants to tell you the truth. But only if you want to know. We’re announcing today, Do You Want to Know the Truth, an occasional opt-in email from the CEO that goes deeper into the truths about life-affirming work in our community. No gimmicks. We don’t want to send you emails you don’t wish to receive.

The Truth about an NBC News’ Pregnancy Center Hit Piece

Join me for an analysis of a recent NBC News story. This fits into a wider narrative, and it’s a harbinger for pregnancy centers nationwide. It’s noteworthy that Massachusetts is home to a U.S. Senator who has called for pregnancy centers to be shut down across the state and the country.

Did the Good Guys Just Get a Big Win?

The Fifth District Court just struck down U.S. FDA’s lenient abortion pill distribution protocols in the latest of this ongoing legal battle. This is most assuredly a pro-life win. Below are the highlights, important context, and projections of what will happen next. If you benefit from this, I welcome an email back.