As a like-minded neighbor in our community, you are perfectly equipped to support the mission of LIFE with particular benefits to your business!
Our Life First Champions represent a large segment of your prospective customer base, with premier access to tens of thousands of impressions for a high ROI. And did we mention, you help save lives in the process?

Lifeline Partners

Lifeline partners are monthly supporters who provide the foundation of the daily operations of the ministry. YOUR BUSINESS is an essential partner in our shared mission of savings lives and souls! To become a Lifeline partner, email or call below:

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a robust series of sponsorship opportunities at the Gala and other events, with tiered options to fit every marketing budget. With perks like website backlinks, at-event mentions, and printed recognition in advertising—there are many great ways to show your support for the ministry while reaching potential customers!

In-Kind Donations

Life First recognizes material donations like Walk For Life prizes, event space, and other in-kind opportunities. What resource can you share? Let’s plan something together!

Community Awareness & Referrals

If you have a medium or high-traffic retail, restaurant, or medical environment, you may have a great place to host posters, business cards, and other free community resources to help us reach those in your customer base that need our life-affirming services.

We welcome your referrals for free pregnancy testing and ultrasound!

Photography & Videography

We welcome your gift of time! As a skilled photographer or videographer, you understand the powerful impact of high-quality media on getting out our message and reaching our target audience. Whether you can shoot for a full event or just an hour or two for a special media event, we welcome your work with stills, social media shorts, event footage, and advertising.