This ministry was prayed into existence to supersede a place of death and replace it with a place that prioritizes Life First—God shut down the abortion center and raised up a powerful force for life in our Communities in Woodbridge and Manassas.

By their own count, Planned Parenthood alone kills nearly 100 babies per month by chemical and surgical abortion in our community. That’s not including the hundreds of women who acquire at-home abortifacients. As Christians, our spirits cry out against injustice. We feel God’s call on our hearts that we must save the LIFE FIRST so that their ears can hear and their souls can be saved eternally. God has provided the solution through this ministry. Not only can you help us rescue children from abortion, but also minister to their moms and dads, show them the truth about the humanity of their unborn baby. Your support invites every single patient into a relationship with the Lord Jesus!

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