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Do You Want to Know the Truth?

Do You Want to Know the Truth?

CEO Becky Sheetz wants to tell you the truth. But only if you want to know. We’re announcing today, Do You Want to Know the Truth, an occasional opt-in email from the CEO that goes deeper into the truths about life-affirming work in our community. No gimmicks. We don’t want to send you emails you don’t wish to receive.

Topics around this work are blindingly polarizing. It can be difficult even for God’s people to discern truth and understand what facts, half truths and breaking developments really mean. The truth is, while we know we win in the end, and that we fight from a position of victory, we lose children to abortion each and every day in our community. Truly, none of the good guys even knows exactly how many children are killed daily or weekly in Prince William County and surrounding areas. The only data we have is that which is provided by the abortion industry. And Satan doesn’t have a really good track record with telling the truth.

When traffickers buy abortion pills in bulk, how many children are killed? When unregulated and unreported abortion pills are bought from oversees manufacturers, and delivered to terrified young women in our neighborhoods, how many children are killed? How many women are wounded emotionally and jeopardized physically in the name of “reproductive rights?”

Celebrating our wins honors God and our fellow laborers for life. Every child saved, every mom who chooses life, every prayer of salvation is a victory for the Kingdom of God, but the full truth is that those of us fighting for life are not gaining ground in this work. When you look at reported abortion numbers in Virginia, you’ll see that we continue to lose ground, even since Roe was overturned.

That brings me back to my point. We respect you enough to go beyond pithy headlines and feel-good slogans to tell you the more full truth, but truly, only if you want to read it. Opt in today to read occasional, and we do mean occasional (I’m busy and so are you), emails on highly-relevant topics like:

  • The impact of the Roe overturn here in Virginia
  • Why the FDA is being sued for failing to protect the health, safety and welfare of women and girls by approving chemical abortion drugs
  • Real-world manifestations of the spiritual battles at Life First
  • Analysis of the cultural narrative on “abortion rights”
  • Ways to pray for a mighty move of God in our centers and for a culture of life in our community

This is content that will not see much of the light of day on social media. That’s why we want to send it to your inbox. If you want to know the truth.