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At Life First’s pregnancy medical centers in Woodbridge and Manassas are a safe place for women in crisis. We seek to reach those women most vulnerable to choosing to end their pregnancy. We reach her with personalized care in a safe, judgment-free environment and loving environment. We aspire to live in a community where all women know they deserve better than abortion.

We Can Help
All Women With


We provide consultations with medical professionals for women struggling with unplanned pregnancy, including addressing her questions on pregnancy, clinical abortions, the abortion pill, STDs, child development, and parenting.

sonography services

Women considering abortion receive a free limited ultrasound so they make a fully informed choice about their pregnancy.

Lab Quality Pregnancy Testing

Life First provides reliable lab-quality urine-based pregnancy tests for women struggling with unplanned pregnancy.


Life First provides spiritual counsel to women in our community during a period of crisis. Our patient advocates listen carefully to her fears and concerns and use the Bible and Christian literature to provide comfort and truth.

Parenting &
Prenatal Classes

Our parenting and prenatal classes are safe places for moms and dads to come to learn about pregnancy, parenting and God’s plan for their family.

Full Spectrum

We are part of a network of local support of services, including medical care, housing, food, financial services, adoption services and local churches. These are powerful resources to hel her choose life.

We also help women with the following: